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How Peer Influence Increases Solar Adoption

In a recent article published on AOL, Ben Higgins discussed how peer influence may be one of the most effective ways to spread the awareness and adoption of solar power.

It’s worth noting that there are a variety of factors that influence the spread of solar power. Factors such as policy changes, economics and new innovations that influence how solar is bought and sold, impact consumer demand. However, a recent study by Yale University found that residential customers are more likely to install a solar system if other solar systems are present within their immediate area. Furthermore, word-of-mouth and the physical exposure of the solar panels were important factors in generating additional interest in solar.  In short, the people who have already made an investment in solar are critical components for the continued adoption of this renewable source.  Our recommendation to current solar customers is to talk to businesses, peers, family and friends about the benefits you have experienced from “going solar.” Not only will this potentially provide them with cost savings, but you will be playing a crucial role in expanding the solar power market.

At Constellation, we’ve developed a series of videos that features real solar customers talking about the benefits, including cost savings, they have experienced from installing a solar system. Click HERE to view this series of customer testimonials.

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