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Automating Load Response Programs Via Web Application [Podcast]


Automating Load Response Programs Via Web Application [Podcast]

Posted by Gary Fromer on January 24, 2013

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Last week, I had the privilege of joining Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters on a podcast to discuss Constellation’s energy management solution, VirtuWatt™.

VirtuWatt™ is an online web application which integrates real-time metering and other smart grid technologies to help maximize the benefits of automated load control. Recently, we released the next evolution to our VirtuWatt™ solution called VirtuWatt™ Link. With this new product, businesses and organizations can use their facilities’ existing automation systems to manage load curtailment based on energy market signals and pre-set strategies, without needing to install redundant building controls hardware.

Constellation can now send VirtuWatt™ Link customers load curtailment event information that will be consumed by a customer's control system. This will allow customers’ control systems to absorb those signals and automatically initiate curtailment scenarios. In addition, Constellation’s team will also work directly with customers to determine the best actions as events are called.

To learn more about VirtuWatt™ and VirtuWatt™ Link, listen to my interview with Lisa from RealEnergyWriters at the following link:

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If you have any questions about VirtuWatt™ Link, you can contact us at

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