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Globalcon 2013: How Ohio University Expects to Save $38 Million Through Water & Energy Conservation


Globalcon 2013: How Ohio University Expects to Save $38 Million Through Water & Energy Conservation

Posted by Andrew Singer on March 07, 2013

Constellation at 2013 Globalcon Conference

A common challenge that many large organizations and companies currently face is finding a way to fund energy conservation efforts. At the 24thannual Globalcon Conference & Expo, I presented a case study on how Ohio University was presented with the challenges of funding significant energy and water conservation efforts, meeting environmental goals and maximizing energy and water cost savings.

The plan that we were able to bring to the table is expected to significantly reduce OU’s electricity and water consumption, and cut down the amount of carbon dioxide their existing equipment infrastructure releases by a sizable margin.

Through the implementation of water and energy conservation measures in 72 buildings with an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), Ohio University now plans to save an estimated $38 million over a 15-year period. The planned conservation measures, scheduled for completion by summer 2014, include:

-Campus-wide interior lighting retrofits

-Air system and tower condition improvements

-HVAC Direct Digital Controls expansion, upgrade and integration

-Variable-frequency drive installation on up to four dozen fan monitors

-Kitchen hood improvements

-Pipe and blanket insulation

-Retro commissioning of various building equipment and water conservation measures

By implementing Constellation’s proposed scope in the form of this conservation project, Ohio University will quickly start achieving energy savings and realize facility improvements in many of its buildings. The overall project is expected to achieve $1,931,419 in energy and operational savings each year, while significantly improving the University’s infrastructure and replacing aging mechanical, electrical and communications equipment that have reached beyond the end of their service lives. An added benefit to these upgrades will be the reduced maintenance and repair requirements that come with newer equipment as well as additional comfort improvements that come with the improved HVAC and BAS systems.

To get this project off the ground, Constellation worked with the University to use the guaranteed energy and operational savings from the energy and water conservation measures to fund the project through low-interest bonds from the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority. No upfront capital was needed from the University for this project!

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