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New Offering Allows Retailers to Incorporate Load Response into Energy Management Strategies


New Offering Allows Retailers to Incorporate Load Response into Energy Management Strategies

Posted by Gary Fromer on March 21, 2013

Retailers face unique challenges when it comes to managing energy use for distributed sites. To help ease these challenges, Constellation’s VirtuWatt™ Link web services application will now be made available with the Opus Building Automation System (BAS) by Novar, a Honeywell business unit and leading provider of multi-site energy management solutions.

The combined solution will provide retailers with the ability to automate and expand load response participation across multiple sites and regions through real-time electricity pricing, centralized management of building control systems and revenue-grade metering capabilities for programs requiring quick response times. This offering allows retailers to incorporate load response as part of an enterprise-level energy management strategy without incurring a large, upfront capital expense or compromising business operations.

Constellation’s VirtuWatt Link web service facilitates automated load response participation by connecting with a building’s existing controls infrastructure. The application provides access to real-time price signals and grid information, load response event notification and meter usage data. Together with Novar’s Opus BAS and meter, VirtuWatt Link allows retailers to achieve the response times and level automation performance necessary to participate in capacity, energy or quick-response economic load response programs nationwide.

In a recent statement, Dean Lindstrom, president of Novar, said, “With Constellation, Novar customers have access to an off-the-shelf solution for load response participation with the standardization and automation necessary to better manage their overall energy use. We can also help customers prioritize the implementation process by comparing which load response programs have the highest returns against which stores have the most costly energy footprint.”

Constellation is thrilled to team up with Novar to offer customers this efficient pre-integrated solution. For more information, please contact

Gary Fromer

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