Data Reveals Clear Support for Electric Choice


Data Reveals Clear Support for Electric Choice

Posted by David Fein on May 08, 2013

ECN Michigan

What are the benefits of a competitive electricity market? That’s the question that Energy Choice Now (ECN) of Michigan was able to get to the bottom of by assisting in Governor Rick Snyder’s information gathering process called Ready Michigan to Make Good Energy Decisions.

After detailed research and analysis, ECN concluded that its data showed that competitive electricity markets reduce rates, support jobs, enhance reliability, promote cleaner energy, and are most adaptable and innovative.

Wayne Kuipers, ECN’s executive director, stated that, “We are confident that no one supports Michigan’s current position of having the highest rates in the Midwest and among the highest rates in the nation. We are confident that the data and metrics strongly make the case for a fully competitive electricity market in Michigan.”

Listed below are some of the specific points that ECN’s data reveals:

  • The steady demand for and growth of electric competition and customer choice in multiple states
  • The enhanced efficiency of generating plants in competitive markets
  • The savings realized by customers taking competitive supply, and the lost opportunities for customers without a competitive option or choice
  • The direct link between competitive electricity markets and increased economic growth and job creation;
  • Enhanced reliability in competitive electricity markets, with risks being shifted from consumers to private investors
  • The adaptability of competitive markets compared to traditional monopoly regimes.

To read the comprehensive answers submitted by ECN, a Michigan grassroots, business-based coalition supporting electric competition, go to: or the Governor’s energy web site at:

David Fein

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