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15 Takeaways for Energy Buyers

(…from the Constellation Webinar “Spring Electricity & Natural Gas Price Outlook for Energy Buyers”) Power & Gas Prices Track Together: Power prices track closely with natural gas prices and gas fundamentals are used as leading indicators to identify power price trends. Gas prices for 2013 were +35% over previous year. Weather Matters: Weather continues to be one of the most important factors influe ...

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Electricity Capacity Cost. What is it and can I do anything to manage it?

Energy supply costs generally make up about 75% to 80% of an electricity bill and, therefore, are the primary focus for most energy managers. However, other components like capacity and transmission can still result in significant costs. Understanding what they are and how the costs are set can help you manage your overall energy budget. In the past we discussed how Transmission rates are set, today we will ...

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[Video] Why 5 Association Leaders Think Energy Procurement Programs Work

  Earlier this year, some of the country’s most successful industry associations and chamber of commerce leaders gathered in Baltimore at Constellation’s 2nd Annual 2013 Association Leadership Summit to exchange best practices, network, and discuss how to help their members take advantage of energy markets and better manage their energy costs. Watch what some of them had to say (click on links to view) ...

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Demand Response Programs Help PJM Provide Emergency Power Relief

When power demand suddenly spikes due to extreme weather, how is a regional transmission organization (RTO) able to provide additional power to the grid to avoid equipment overloads and system failures? Such an event occurred recently when a late-summer heat wave struck the western region of PJM’s territory and caused demand to reach a new peak power record for September of 144,370 megawatts (MW), according ...

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Learn how to better control your company’s energy strategy! [Free Webinar Recording]

Are you able to view your energy usage in real-time? Do you have insight into real-time pricing and accumulated cost calculations? How about the ability to easily implement cost-saving strategies and automate your participation in load response programs? If not, don’t worry--we’re here to help. On Thursday, 8/22/13, Constellation hosted a free webinar showcasing how you can say “YES!” to the three questions ...

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Constellation Load Response Customer Receives $1 Million Incentive

You might know that a Load Response program may allow you to earn revenue by reducing your electric consumption during periods of high grid demand. Are you also aware of incentives that you could be eligible for due to your participation in such a program? Constellation customer Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) was recently presented with an incentive check in excess of $1 million by Southern Californ ...

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