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Knowledge is Power: NJ Constellation customer talks about lowering his bill with FREE electricity supply

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Robert Winder, a world traveler, spoke to us about how he discovered our Power Circle Program (available only in New Jersey), his experience with Constellation, and more.

Imagine paying $0.00 for the electricity supply portion of your electricity bill every month. That’s what Robert Winder from Estell Manor in New Jersey sees in the electricity supply section of his bill after successfully referring Constellation to more than 10 of his family members and friends.

The long-time New Jersey resident is one of millions who live in a state with a competitive energy supply market, empowering residents with the power to choose their own electricity supplier. Choosing a new electricity supplier (also referred to as electric choice) has helped residents and businesses save money with lower electricity supply rates, but with Constellation’s Power Circle Program available only to residents of New Jersey, there’s the chance to pay nothing at all for an important line item on each bill.

Robert proved that by doing his own research and educating himself about Constellation’s Power Circle Program, the benefits were readily available for the taking! We recently spoke with Robert about how he discovered the opportunity, his experience with Constellation, and how he has been able to prove that knowledge is power. This is what he shared with us below.

Question: How did you hear about Constellation?
Robert: Searching through the internet. I was originally with AECO then switched to another supplier before coming over to Constellation. I found you guys through your Constellation Special website. The site was really easy to use and very transparent.

The one and only reason I switched was because of the great rate. The rebate (which was $75 at the time) and Power Circle were added benefits.

Q: After becoming a customer, how did you find out about Constellation’s Power Circle?
Robert: I actually didn’t know anything about Power Circle when I first signed up. I initially found out about the program when I logged into my account. At first, I honestly thought the program was too good to be true, and I did my own research on the program. I was happy with what I found out and was pretty impressed with how much information Constellation provided. I was even satisfied with the various disclaimers and “fine print.”

Since I’m an electrician and know a good amount about electric choice, I thought “I can do this.” I began telling my friends about the program and the benefits of choosing Constellation. .

I think it’s unbelievable that I’m going to get free electricity supply. I’m still in that “Is this real?” stage. I guess once I see the bill the reality will sink in and it’ll be awesome.

Q: Who is in your “Power Circle”?
Robert: It’s a mix between friends, family and acquaintances. I was at a leadership class with people I see about twice a year, and I even got some of them to sign up! The people who have switched suppliers before mainly were asking if the rate was competitive and if the sign up process was easy. There were a few that had never switched before and were asking if their bill was going to change and wanted more information about the company. I referred them to Constellation’s website for more details. Once people found out that Constellation was owned by Exelon, they were reassured that the company wasn’t some “fly-by-night” company.

Q: What advice do you have to share with other customers about the program?
A: I definitely would recommend it. You need to have a “seller” mentality to get the word out. For me, it was easy because I wanted to tell people about the benefits they could get by switching over.

The great rates made it a relatively easy sell to people and my background working as an electrician allowed people to trust me about the market. I offered to help people go through the sign-up process, which a lot of people took me up on.

Q: What will you do with the money you would have spent on your electric supply?
A: I’d like to try and save it, but realistically I’ll use the money toward a new road bike. I recently started competing in triathlons.

For more information about the Power Circle Program in New Jersey, go here.

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