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Leading Hotel & Resort Brand Offers Sustainable Lodging & Meeting Space

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By Kim Weaver
Senior Business Development Manager, Constellation

Event, building and operations managers in the travel and hospitality industry have many options to evaluate when it comes to reducing energy costs and meeting sustainability goals. What are the costs to make facilities more energy efficient? Do load response programs affect your daily operations? What impact can one property make for a business with multiple locations?

Watch the video below to find out how three Hilton family brand hotels have been able to reduce their environmental impact –taking the equivalent of 818,000 cars off the road annually – by incorporating load response and energy efficiency into their energy mix.

The video demonstrates:

• How one property can contribute to a large brand’s goal of reducing energy consumption by 20 percent
• Why agreeing to lower usage at peak times isn’t a problem
• How to implement a lighting and guest room energy management solution with no upfront costs
• The benefits of identifying energy cost as an entire portfolio
• How to manage energy costs beyond procurement

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