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AOBA Alliance Selects Constellation NewEnergy as its Energy Supplier

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I attended an advisory council luncheon for the AOBA Alliance on Tuesday where it was announced to members that the Alliance had chosen Constellation NewEnergy as its new energy supplier. We announced the news yesterday .

As David Farmer, President of the Board of Directors of the AOBA Alliance explained, the Alliance is one of the largest energy aggregations in the U.S. and certainly the largest in the DC metro region, including the Virginia and Maryland suburbs. For about a decade now the Alliance has given participating buildings the opportunity to take advantage of the power of group purchasing.

Constellation NewEnergy provides services for other similar regional aggregation programs, like Boston Buying Power, and we’ve found them to be extremely popular and successful because they give group strength to a single business that often translates to purchasing efficiencies and access to more services.

What’s new to AOBA members
We think AOBA’s aggregation participants are going to appreciate having access to online tools to manage electric and gas accounts. We also bring to the table the ability to supply renewable energy, demand response technologies, on-site solar installations and other energy project options. I see these options growing in popularity among AOBA participants moving forward.

Getting started
There will be several opportunities this year for AOBA Alliance participants to engage in aggregate purchases. There will also be an option to purchase outside of the aggregate purchasing. Current and prospective AOBA participants will be able to find out more about the products that are now available to them at an AOBA meeting on March 16 to be held at the Capital Hilton. More details on the event to follow.

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