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Bright Ski Season Ahead: Montage Mountain Installs Energy Efficient LED Trail Lighting

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Lighting upgrades funded as part of electricity supply costs through Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy

Guests at Scranton, Pennsylvania’s Montage Mountain can look forward to a bright ski season thanks to the installation of 280 light-emitting diode (LED) lighting along the resort’s 26 trails. Montage Mountain is one of the few ski resorts on the East Coast to utilize LED lighting. The energy efficient lighting upgrade required no upfront investment from the resort as part of a 50-month electricity supply contract through Constellation’s Efficiency Made EasySM program.

By implementing energy efficient lighting, Montage Mountain expects to reduce its annual electricity use by more than 229,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and avoid the creation of 356,203 pounds of carbon dioxide each year — the equivalent annual emissions from 33 passenger vehicles, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data.

The LED lighting addition is part of the resort’s recent renovation since the property was acquired in May 2013.

“The best way to showcase the property’s return was to make it the most ‘visible’ attraction in the valley — and at the same time demonstrate our commitment to conserving energy and resources,” said Charles Jefferson, managing partner, Montage Mountain. “Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy helped us to accomplish a large scale lighting project while completing significant upgrades to guest facilities and operations.”

Efficiency Made Easy enables Constellation commercial customers to fund conservation measures as part of their electricity supply bill. The cost of efficiency measures is included in the price per kWh over the term of the electricity supply agreement. In most cases, customers realize a savings on energy costs as a result of reduced energy use.

“Competition for capital funds is a common hurdle for our customers and business partners in implementing even high-value energy upgrades,” said Gary Fromer, senior vice president, energy management programs, for Constellation. “Taking a holistic view of energy procurement and use allows customers to optimize resources and be more strategic about their energy management.”

montague mountain
PHOTO CREDIT: Montage Mountain

Commonwealth Energy Group, a Constellation Efficiency Made Easy partner, conducted the energy audit and lighting retrofit for Montage Mountain.

“We are always looking for innovative energy solutions for commercial customers,” said Commonwealth Energy Group CEO Louis Evans. “Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy offers an alternative for customers to implement efficiency measures without committing capital to a large retrofit project.”

Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy is a recipient of the 2013 Platts Global Energy Awards.

A NAESCO-accredited Energy Services Provider, Constellation has assisted commercial customers and public agencies throughout the U.S. to implement energy efficiency programs. Customers interested in energy efficiency and environmental solutions may contact Constellation at 1-866-237-7693 or

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