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Constellation Load Response Customer Receives $1 Million Incentive

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You might know that a Load Response program may allow you to earn revenue by reducing your electric consumption during periods of high grid demand. Are you also aware of incentives that you could be eligible for due to your participation in such a program?

Constellation customer Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) was recently presented with an incentive check in excess of $1 million by Southern California Edison (SCE) for its participation in a Load Response program that allows the electrical utility to be more efficient when its grid faces peak demands.

The incentive check represents the materials, installation time and other man hours, software, programming and electrical equipment CVWD received for participating in what is known as SCE’s Automated Load Response Customized Technology Incentive program.

The Load Response program, administered by Constellation, has allowed CVWD to shed about 3.86 MW of electric usage during peak hours, outperforming SCE’s initial estimated demand reduction.

To provide some background on the Capacity Load Response program CVWD is enrolled in, here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Constellation works with your business or consultant to strategically develop a tailored energy curtailment plan meant to deliver maximum benefits with minimal disruptions
  • The program may include shifting production, adjusting lighting and building temperatures, activating back-up generation
  • Receive financial incentives by reducing energy usage during high-demand events
  • Help prevent brownouts and blackouts by reducing stress on the grid when electricity load is highest

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