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Constellation Makes Going Green a Slam Dunk for the United Center

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Since 2011, Constellation has teamed up with the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and the United Center—home to both organizations—as their official energy provider.  We power these two teams by supplying electricity to the United Center, adjoining Advocate Center and team practice facilities. As an energy partner, Constellation aims to help the NBA’s Bulls and NHL’s Blackhawks enhance their energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Going green

Every year, Constellation sponsors a “Go Green” game for each team. The goal of these games is to educate fans with energy efficiency tips. Energy tips will be shown on the scoreboard, including ways to enhance efficiency for lighting, appliances and air conditioning.

The Blackhawks celebrated their Go Green game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on March 31st and the Bulls are scheduled to celebrate their Go Green game against the Orlando Magic on April 10th.

As part of the Go Green sponsorship, Constellation donates Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match the electricity used on each game day. RECs represent the environmental benefit of electricity generated by wind and the avoided emissions associated with traditional fuel sources.

Over six seasons of United Center Green Games, Constellation’s donation has offset 700 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s like saving 79,000 gallons of gas. Constellation, the Blackhawks and the Bulls will also team up to work on a Go Green community effort. Last year, they joined together to host a Go Green event for campers from Girls in the Game, a nonprofit organization that promotes sports and fitness, leadership development and health education for more than 3,000 girls in Chicago.

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The in-venue guest experience

In a Business Wire press release, the United Center’s Terry Savarise, SVP of Operations, expressed his excitement upon embarking on the expanded relationship with Constellation. “With its legacy of innovation in energy solutions, Constellation is an excellent partner … committed to enhancing the guest experience,” he enthused.

Mark Huston, President of Constellation Retail, returned the compliment, saying, “Both teams are known for being determined competitors that consistently provide a great fan experience.” He added, “Constellation takes the same approach to providing competitive energy supply and energy services, and a top-notch customer experience.”

Constellation Fanfare

Constellation has been a retail energy supplier to Illinois businesses, schools and hospitals since 1999 and to the Chicago White Sox since 2011. In addition to powering the United Center, Constellation also supplies electricity to US Cellular Field.

As of late 2016, more than 1.9 million Illinois residential customers have chosen a retail electricity supplier. A huge benefit to switching from default utility suppliers is the opportunity to take advantage of renewable energy. We aim to provide energy strategies for these premier teams and their facilities and participate with them to inform customers of how they can also get involved.

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