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County To Save $6.7 Million With Energy Performance Contract

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Investment in energy efficiencies at County facilities supports Chester County Commissioners’ strategic goals for the environment. Energy and conservation measures expected to save $6.7 million. 

Last week Constellation and Chester County announced the completion of a project involving the installation of $5.9 million in energy and water conservation measures that is expected to provide $6.7 million in energy and water cost savings over a 15-year period. The conservation measures will help the County save an estimated 2.2 million kilowatt-hours in electricity and more than 18 million gallons of water every year.

“Through our strategic plan focus on the environment, we have already taken great strides to reduce energy usage within county-owned buildings,” said Terence Farrell, Chester County Commissioners’ Chair. “This project reflects our continued commitment to implement water and energy saving measures for the good of the environment, but that also have the benefit of bringing a monetary return to the county.”

Constellation installed energy and water conservation and facility improvements at various buildings including the County administration building, the Historic Courthouse and the Government Services Center in West Chester, and the Henrietta Hankin Library. The conservation measures include smart electric meters, energy efficient lighting including LED fixtures, steam efficiency improvements, kitchen hood controls, insulation blankets, low flow toilets, sinks and showers, cooling tower meters, HVAC equipment replacements, ozone laundry systems and building automation system upgrades.

“Energy performance contracting is a valuable resource for public entities to leverage their existing operational budget for needed capital improvements,” said Gary Fromer, senior vice president, distributed energy for Constellation. “Constellation commends Chester County for its focus on the environment and efforts to reduce energy usage within county-owned buildings, and looks forward to continuing to work with the County to achieve its sustainability goals.”

The measures are designed and expected to avoid the creation of more than 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide during the term, and have the same benefit to the environment as removing 319 passenger vehicles from the road annually, according to U.S. EPA data for the region.

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