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Does your Association have an Energy Program?

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If you’ve been in business for more than five minutes, you’ve probably received dozens of invitations to join all sorts of chambers and associations. Some are worth looking into, while others seemingly just want to collect your dues.

However, there are a number of important benefits that your business can gain through joining a community or trade-based group such as your local chamber of commerce or an association. Access to industry information, group advocacy, networking opportunities, reputation building, marketing and a number of other advantages are now at your fingertips.

An additional benefit that you may wish to explore is your association’s energy program, if it has one.

Constellation has partnered with a number of chambers and associations across the country and aligned with industry groups in order to bring competitive pricing and energy management options to members. After being selected through a highly-competitive process, we now have the privilege to work with hotel, manufacturer, municipal, commercial building and retail associations across the United States.

These programs involve much more than simply being recommended by the association. We provide real, tangible, energy benefits to members. Here are some reasons (we think) you should consider utilizing an association’s energy program:

Energy Management Expertise

Our energy management experts watch market trends closely, so we can help you prepare for a potential spike in energy prices or a shortage in supply. We offer chamber and association members guidance on energy pricing options that give you greater budget certainty if you want to lock in prices to minimize risk, or more purchasing flexibility if you want to take advantage of market fluctuations.

As a member, you’ll also have access to webinars and other educational events that can help you implement a better energy management strategy.

Contract Flexibility

When we work with an association, we have greater flexibility to help its members achieve a desired outcome, such as a goal to use more renewable energy or use energy more efficiently.

We worked with the AOBA Alliance, the affiliated energy program of a Washington, DC commercial real estate association, to give property portfolio managers greater flexibility in buying and selling their properties between contracts without termination fees.

These are just two examples of how we might work with your association to provide greater flexibility and more favorable energy options.

Great Customer Service

Customers who participate in association energy programs tend to report better overall customer satisfaction than those who buy elsewhere. In a recent customer survey of 66 association members, 82 percent reported they were satisfied with problem resolution, 15% greater than non-members. And participating association members were 6% more likely to recommend and renew than non-participants.

We work hard to ensure we’re meeting the needs of all our customers, but the established relationships we have with associations certainly helps give their members a superior customer experience.

To learn more about the associations we work with, visit our website.

Ed Wilson is the Vice President of Association Channel Sales for Constellation.

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