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Large Foundry Chooses Constellation for Energy Market Insight and Expertise

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Managing exposure to energy risks within your business can be a daunting task – especially if you don’t have the proper information or guidance to help you. Not having access to or staying up-to-date on current market trends and energy information could be costing your company real dollars. At Constellation we have dedicated teams of market professionals and specialists to help educate you in the process of procurement as well as keeping you informed about different variables impacting energy markets.

Individuals from our customer support teams, meteorologists, commodities management group and more are always communicating with our customers and willing to meet with in person to help them make informed energy management decisions.

Making Informed Decisions Using Constellation’s Team
A specific example of how Constellation’s team works with businesses is reflected in a Midwestern foundry that recently switched to Constellation after approximately 15 years with a competitor. It all started by sitting down with the prospective customer and listening to several employees explain the role that energy plays in the foundry’s product. This helped lead to an understanding of how the foundry’s energy needs change over time from both an economic and a reliability perspective. Once the foundry’s needs were thoroughly understood, we met with the customer in an on-site individualized discussion on the market.

We know that all companies do not have the same strategies. Some customers like price certainty while others want to float with the market. Spending the time to thoroughly understand the foundry’s short and long-term needs were critical components to start developing an energy strategy. The foundry appreciated the individualized approach and desire for Constellation to spend the time educating them on the market. What was most appealing to this foundry was the idea of ongoing webinars with updated information always at their fingertips.

Working Together to Create an Energy Management Strategy
What ultimately drove this foundry to Constellation was the idea that both companies worked together to build an energy management strategy that worked for their business. The strategy wasn’t just the customers nor was it just what Constellation selected for them. It was a collaborative effort by both parties as to what made the most sense for the customer’s budget and energy goals.

Another key aspect of developing an energy strategy is that it isn’t static; the markets are constantly changing and the foundry’s business is constantly changing. Continually, the energy management strategy needs to be reviewed as to whether it is the optimal strategy, or whether it needs to be adjusted. In the end, this joint developing of a strategy using the various resources of Constellation, as well as the ability to adjust this strategy as needed, was just what the foundry was looking for.

Using Constellation’s Team for Your Business

If you have questions about your energy strategy and managing risks for your company or simply want to stay updated on energy market trends, Constellation can help. All of our dedicated teams contribute content that customers and prospects can access. This includes live webinars and recordings, weekly market updates, daily or weekly gas reports, and more. To stay informed on the latest information that can affect your energy strategy and goals, subscribe at

Guest Author: Craig Avery, Vice President & General Manager, Great Lakes Region
Craig is responsible for developing and executing Constellation’s retail gas sales strategy to help major commercial and industrial corporations and federal agencies buy, manage and use energy. Prior to his current role, Craig focused on Market & Credit Risk Management functions whereby he worked with customers to find creative credit solutions and develop sound energy Risk Management strategies for their business. With nearly 20 years of his career at Constellation and its predecessor companies, Craig has helped customers from many different industries to a meet their energy goals and objectives.

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