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Manufacturers Association of Maine Offers Complete Energy Management Portfolio to Members

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we announced that Constellation Energy was named the preferred electricity supplier of the Manufacturers Association of Maine (MAMe). But we are just as excited now as we were then.

Now MAMe – a statewide industry association representing more than 360 manufacturing, corporate, affiliate and student members – offers its members a complete portfolio of energy management products. By having access to a wide array of products and services including electricity supply options, renewable energy certificates, and load response programs, MAMe members can develop and strengthen existing buying strategies to meet their economic and sustainability goals.

Further supporting the value of adopting a powerful energy strategy sooner rather than later, the Energy Information Administration’s most recent “Short-Term Energy Outlook” released on Aug.10 provides significant insight. First, it’s not hard to forget the above-normal temperatures we’ve experienced this summer. According to the EIA, during June and July in the Northeast, the amount of energy used to cool a business or home was 73 percent higher than normal throughout New England. The EIA also projects that total U.S. electricity consumption will grow by 4 percent this year overall.

Next, the status of natural gas supply vs. demand is also worth noting. The same EIA report points out that due to the small decline of U.S. production of natural gas and an increase of consumption, prices are projected to be higher in 2011. The EIA report addressed other factors that influence energy prices including additional information about electricity retail pricing, electric power sector generation, natural gas inventories, and more.

MAMe members and our other Constellation Energy customers can focus on other aspects of running their businesses by engaging in a long-term energy strategy. We provide exclusive resources and expertise – for example, our demand-response program is one of many innovative solutions that customers have already benefitted from, including the opportunity to receive revenue in the form of payments after curtailing electricity usage during high demand periods.

As we continue to work with MAMe, check back for updates.

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