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Energy Efficiency to Help Trenton Housing Authority Save an Estimated $31 Million

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Summer is right around the corner and if it’s anything like last summer, some parts of the country may experience record-setting temperatures. With the heat comes a significant spike in electricity demand, mostly related to the high use of air conditioning, which also pushes energy prices higher.

Building energy efficiency into your energy strategy is one way to help keep costs down over a long period of time. Yet, many businesses and organizations that are interested in energy efficiency may find it challenging to finance projects that could help them better manage their energy costs. Public Housing Authorities in particular have faced budget cuts, making it tough to improve energy and water efficiency in facilities with aging infrastructure.

But there are ways to develop water and energy conservation plans that provide guaranteed savings with no up-front capital costs.

The Trenton Housing Authority, for example, was able to make improvements for nearly 3,000 residents through its Energy Performance Contract with Constellation.

With HUD’s planned changes for physical needs assessments and energy audits, energy performance contracting is becoming an even more valuable tool for housing authorities looking to fund energy efficiency improvements and save utility costs.

While Energy Performance Contracts can be a cost-effective way to finance energy efficiency projects, there are other ways to finance energy conservation projects. For more details, contact us on our website.

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