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Why Chambers and Associations Align With Constellation

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Is your association looking for ways to attract new members in 2015? Do you want to create a steady stream of revenue without relying solely on dues?

Consider working with businesses that can provide integral services to your members! As the VP of Association Channel Sales here at Constellation, my role is focused solely on the development of relationships and acting as a resource for associations’ energy needs.

Yes, you may know that Constellation provides a number of energy options for both businesses and residential customers. You may also know that we sell power to more than 100,000 businesses in North America, more than any other competitive electricity supplier. BUT, did you know we have strategic alliances with nearly 40 state and industry associations?

Here are 3 benefits of working with us.

1. Referral Rewards

Managing an association budget is always a challenge. Raising member dues is often not a viable option, yet generating enough revenue to meet the organization’s mission still poses a challenge. One solution can be to help members with a key business need while generating association revenue at the same time.

Constellation offers rewards to strategic alliances and associations that refer member customers based on the volume of energy they use. We also pay marketing fees in return for endorsements and marketing assistance. This gives our associations and strategic partners another potential stream of non-dues revenue while helping members with one of their major expenses.

The good news: As you refer new members, we’ll reward you!

2. Stronger Member Loyalty

In today’s internet driven world, promoting membership for an association is not as easy as it used to be. You need to offer more than a yearly event and a listing on your website to make membership worthwhile—not to mention you want to maintain consistent renewal rates!
Associations who work with Constellation have the opportunity to offer their members better access to energy management education, greater contract flexibility and an overall improved customer satisfaction rating; When members see the value of these energy benefits, they’re more likely to stay with your association.

We’re committed to educating your members on their options for purchasing energy and using it more efficiently to keep costs in check.

Just ask Geoffrey C. Beck, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, who said: “For giving our members the ability to govern their energy budgets, Constellation is a hometown hero!”

3. New Membership Recruitment

If your membership growth has stagnated in recent years, it may be time to think about what you’re really offering new members. Do you have enough incentives? Networking opportunities? Access to educational resources they can’t find anywhere else, such as webinars and forums? Aligning with an energy resource and supplier such as Constellation gives your association greater member benefits and enhanced credibility for new recruits.

Members may benefit by receiving competitive pricing and flexible payment options as well as meeting their environmental objectives and having access to regional energy expertise. Constellation has extensive experience addressing the energy needs of Association members. We’ve helped thousands of members gain better control over their energy spends, allowing them to effectively focus on their core business.

Whether you’re a national or regional group, a state or industry association or an organization interested in becoming a referrer, it’s easy to work with us. To get started, fill out our application form today and we’ll be in touch soon.

We look forward to working with you!

Ed Wilson is the Vice President of Association Channel Sales for Constellation.

Photo: Constellation’s Annual Association Summit, bringing together Association and Chamber energy leaders from all over the United States to discuss energy management strategies and benefits for their members.



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