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4 Unique Innovations Advancing Energy Management

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The ways in which we consume and manage energy are changing as fast as the technologies that require it.

Constellation backs a number of up-and-coming energy technology companies through its investment organization, Constellation Technology Ventures. As populations grow at a rapid pace, the need for more energy efficient, sustainable innovations become paramount. In this blog we will highlight four ventures that we think energy professionals should have on their radar.

1. ChargePoint

Hybrid cars have been on the mass market for several years now, with the trend now seeing fully electric models becoming mainstream. Even as ubiquitous as the oil industry is, it may not be long before more consumer cars are powered by electricity than gasoline.

To support this massive shift in the auto industry, ChargePoint has created the world’s largest, most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network. EVs could offer clear environmental and economic benefits, but their fueling infrastructure is far behind that of combustion-based cars – for now. ChargePoint’s mission is “to get everyone behind the wheel of an EV and provide a place for them to charge wherever they go.” Their growing network of over 25,000 charging stations serves parking operators, property owners, retailers, multi-family property developers and even residential customers.

ChargePoint also designs, builds and supports its network’s charging stations. Through the mobile app called “ChargePoint,” EV drivers get the convenience to schedule and monitor their vehicles’ charges in their homes, workplaces and public spaces.

2. Stem

Electricity rates are constantly in flux. Outdated metering and monitoring solutions have resulted in a customer base that is unaware of the consequences of ‘peak hours’ and ‘high usage.’ Therefore, the potential for sky-high electric bills has increased dramatically.

Stem offers commercial customers an integrated energy storage and software solution that targets automatically reducing electric bills while enabling greater visibility into energy use and costs. Stem’s intelligent storage system learns and then predicts a customer’s unique energy profile to apply stored energy to potentially maximize savings. The system runs in the background, requiring no actions or changes in operations to experience cost reductions.

Stem’s PowerScope software platform provides real-time, down to the second visibility into energy use and costs, enabling customers to identify possible savings opportunities and enhance participation in demand response programs. For providers, Stem’s aggregated fleet of storage systems can be used for fast, flexible, cost-competitive capacity as well as other grid services.

3. Powerhouse Dynamics

An energy manager’s work is never complete, but Powerhouse Dynamics intends to make lives a little easier. Their flagship product, SiteSage, is an energy management system for small commercial facility portfolios. Users can aggregate multiple facilities into an enterprise-wide view, allowing for a complete picture of their companies’ energy consumption. Product features include:

  • Centralized HVAC control
  • Remote controlled equipment, including lighting
  • Central monitoring for electricity, gas and water
  • Alerts for budgets, safety concerns, equipment performance and potential cost savings
  • Equipment analytics and diagnostics

These features are designed to allow energy managers to achieve the optimal balance between employee comfort, energy use and equipment performance. Ultimately, finding that balance is critical for the environment, regulatory compliance and every company’s bottom line.

4. eCurv

eCurv is changing the way enterprise businesses buy and consume electricity. By queuing demand with software routines similar to the ones that manage cellphone calls, texts and data transactions, eCurv’s Queued Power Access (QPAC®) demand management service may deliver sustained reductions in peak demand charges.

QPAC accomplishes this feat by optimizing the runtime of HVAC systems, refrigeration units, battery chargers, motors, pumps and other appliances, which, when operating simultaneously, are often responsible for energy cost spikes. Customers could enjoy immediate reductions in their electricity costs and aren’t even aware that QPAC is running in the background.

To learn more about how Constellation can put the latest technology in energy management to work for you, contact us today.

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