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5 Takeaways from Constellation’s Executive Energy Forum

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On July 29-30, Constellation hosted the second Executive Energy Forum (EEF) of 2019 in Baltimore where prominent industry leaders in energy took the stage to inspire and inform energy managers from all over, focusing on market innovation, trends, and technologies impacting customers’ energy procurement strategies.

The forum included:

  • The latest market, regulatory and weather outlooks affecting the energy industry;
  • A fireside chat on leadership with former Ravens General Manager and Pro Football Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome;
  • A keynote presentation with American Gas Association CEO Karen Alderman Harbert on energy industry trends; and
  • Customer panels offering tips and insights on energy management and meeting sustainability goals through the procurement of renewable energy.

The above themes – and more – are explored at every Forum, and content is customized to the region that the event occurs. Learn about some of the major insights gleaned from the forum:

1. Investments in clean energy give your business a competitive edge.

To make a strong sustainability statement, more companies are looking at the procurement of renewable energy to be able to show that their load is coming from a renewable energy source. Through Constellation’s CORe and CORe+ solutions, customers have the ability to either integrate renewable energy purchases from existing renewable generation into a load-following energy supply or support the development of new renewable energy assets on their regional grid.

2. Take advantage of low gas prices.

As Harbert mentioned in her keynote presentation, the U.S. is experiencing the lowest natural gas prices in the world, which has smoothed out volatility in the global energy market. But that doesn’t mean this trend will last forever. If you haven’t revisited your natural gas purchasing strategy lately, now is the time to do so. Here are tips on how to do so.

3. There are many benefits to being more energy efficient.

Reducing your energy consumption comes with many benefits: reducing demand lowers energy costs and emissions. Customers in our Energy Management panel at EEF discussed the many benefits they’ve seen after making energy efficiency upgrades in their facilities.

For example, not only did James Brown, President and CEO of Augustine Plastics, see cost savings after making LED lighting upgrades, but the high-quality lighting improved employee safety, boosted employees’ moods and even improved production. Learn how to make the same upgrades without upfront capital so you can preserve your budget for other business priorities through Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy solution.

4. Staying apprised of market and weather updates allows you to proactively manage your energy strategy.

Weather is a major influencer of energy prices and is one factor that can impact the volatility of the energy market. Our 2019 Energy Market Intel Webinar Series brings you key insights into market trends, buying strategies, and outlooks on power and natural gas pricing trends that can make you a smarter buyer and manager of energy for your company.

5. Being aware of statewide policies or initiatives that could affect your business also does so.

Currently, 11 states have aggressive clean energy targets. For example, Maryland aims to reach its goal of 30% clean energy by 2030 and 100% by 2040, which could eventually affect business’s energy bills. Learn how laws like these may influence your company by attending our regional events or connecting with your Constellation sales representative.

Stay tuned for communication about our next complimentary EEF events in Boston (September 9-10) and in Chicago (October 17-18) by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you there!

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