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Constellation Educates PGA Members on Energy Efficiency at 2018 PGA Merchandise Show

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As part of the partnership with the PGA of America, Constellation representatives traveled to Orlando, Florida to speak at the annual PGA Merchandise Show, a gathering of PGA professionals, club general managers and golf industry partners featuring more than 1,000 interactive exhibits and educational sessions. At this year’s Show, the PGA of America launched their first ever Social Responsibility Report (, which outlines the efforts currently underway and goals for continual improvement in reducing their environmental impact.

The PGA and Its Members: Bringing Energy to the Game

In its first-ever review of the long-term positive impact that Social Responsibility offers to the future of golf, the PGA of America has issued a comprehensive report that defined six key priority areas including improving golf’s environmental footprint. As the PGA’s Official Energy Provider and Sustainability Partner, Constellation is helping the PGA create an actionable sustainability strategy and energy management program for the organization. “Constellation is proud of the progress we’ve made in partnership with PGA of America in reducing the environmental footprint of the game of golf and raising awareness of responsible energy use among its Members,” said Joe Nigro, CEO of Constellation. “We congratulate them on this groundbreaking new report and look forward to continuing to work together toward a more sustainable future.” The PGA and Constellation work together to promote responsible energy use and increase awareness around green initiatives in the golf industry through communications educating PGA professionals and fans on the impact of the partnership.

Greening the Greens: Improving Golf’s Environmental Footprint

Constellation Vice President Andrew Singer joined Justin Zeulner of the Green Sports Alliance, Derek Sprague, PGA of America’s Honorary President, Ron Jaworski, golf course owner and former NFL player, and John Sanford, President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, in a panel moderated by Matt Adams of the Golf Channel to discuss course management best practices around energy use, water use, turf management, wildlife and habitat. Andrew highlighted some of the exciting initiatives we are working on in partnership with the PGA including providing Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match the electricity used during each of the PGA’s Championships. These RECs certify that 100% of the energy used during PGA of America events will be matched with wind generation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In 2017, the PGA offset 2,450,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, which had the same environmental benefit of taking 390 passenger vehicles off the road or preserving 2,148 acres of forest.

Lunch and Learn: How to Save Money, Improve Energy Efficiency and Help the Environment

Constellation is working to provide guidance to courses to help them make more environmentally sustainable decisions at their clubs. Constellation’s Divesh Gupta sat down with golf club general managers to show them how Efficiency Made Easy®, a comprehensive approach to demand-side management can give customers the ability to fund energy conservation measures in support of organizational and environmental goals.  When Constellation efficiency experts visit a facility, they review the energy consumption and look for opportunities for improvement. We might find that their heating and cooling costs are higher compared to similarly-sized facilities in the region and then look at ways to better manage that through improved climate controls and building improvements. If lighting costs look to be an issue, we’ll evaluate opportunities to install LED lights and timers. For a golf club, water usage typically accounts for about a quarter of electricity usage and cost so there may be opportunities to improve irrigation by replacing failed pumps with high efficiency pumps or installing low-flow systems.

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