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Efficiency Made Easy (EME): Our Newest Product Offers a Convenient Way for Businesses to Implement Energy Conservation Measures

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Efficiency Made EasyOur business customers – both large and small – have been actively interested in pursuing energy efficiency initiatives in their facilities; however, there is often a scarcity of capital dollars available to implement much needed energy efficiency projects. When faced with this obstacle what can a customer do?

Well… the easiest thing to do, of course, would be nothing. More proactive (but not necessarily better or feasible) alternatives include finding another way to internally allocate capital to implement a project, or breaking your efficiency project into small increments but this often makes it difficult to show a true impact on sustainability goals.

What our business customers have told us is that they need an (a) easy solution, (b) that reduces their energy consumption, (c) does not require commitment of any capital, and (d) creates a long-term energy usage savings. Our business customers in the Mid-Atlantic, New York Metro and New England areas are now able to do just that.

Our new bundled service, Efficiency Made Easy, combines a 3-year fixed price electricity agreement with high-impact energy efficiency measures, such as lighting and energy management retrofits, that help large business customers meet sustainability goals while actually reducing their overall energy consumption. With the installed energy efficiency measures, the customer can maintain their current total energy cost over the term of their agreement, reducing their consumption quickly, and enter an agreement that lets our customers finance the cost of the energy efficiency measures through their electricity price. Energy efficiency measures can be enjoyed without any requirement to allocate capital.

Some highlights include:

Cost savings – Customers can save money and reduce energy consumption without committing any capital.
Convenience – Customers can finance efficiency upgrades through the term of their power contract, opposed to the traditional process which requires upfront capital.
Sustainability impact – Customers can easily track their environmental efforts with documented sustainability benefits.
Long-term benefits – At the end of the electricity agreement, the customer will retain the full benefits of the installed energy efficiency measures.

A range of high payback energy conservation measures are currently available. For more information, our customers should contact their local Constellation Energy representative and new customers or businesses that we haven’t yet worked with can contact us at 1.855.280.9344.

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