Energy Management

How One of the Most Advanced Control and Dispatch Centers in the Nation Can Help You Reduce Energy Costs

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Constellation Energy’s advanced control and dispatch center is an important link in the energy supply, distribution and response chain. Backed with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and PJM certifications, the center closely monitors and controls the flow of energy for customers across North America.

The Constellation Energy Control and Dispatch Center comprehensively directs energy distribution across an entire network, supplying electricity when needed and reducing load during times of high demand. This ensures that enough energy is delivered when needed to grid operators, utilities, and ultimately end users.

This capability is essential when large customers are reducing load to earn revenue from the electricity they return to the grid, through load response programs.

When a load response event occurs, Constellation Energy’s Control and Dispatch Center is the launch point of a precise set of actions that leads to successful reduction of energy usage, starting with communications to customers and activation of our automated load control procedures. Even though many of these actions are automated, human oversight of the process is essential.

The coming Smart Grid will also require intelligent control and dispatch, and our dispatch center is uniquely suited to meet this need. Our advanced technology married with our certified and tested staff are an excellent model for the future of electric control and dispatch organizations.


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