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Is Your Energy Strategy Ready for Summer?

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As we officially kickoff summer, your thoughts may be drifting towards BBQs and impending summer vacations. Before you go into vacation mode, you may want to think about your energy strategy and if it’s ready for potential price volatility this summer.

Despite the current low energy price environment, the potential for price volatility in the market still exists due to the peak demand associated with a warmer-than-normal summer along with the increased demand we are seeing as many of the states start reopening their economies. Customers on index power or a natural gas product that have not locked in fixed prices for 100% of their summer usage have at least some financial exposure to potential higher prices.

As businesses begin to operate as usual and as we approach a projected warmer-than-normal summer, price spikes in the index power and gas markets are never out of the question.

Learn more about our meteorologist’s summer forecast in a recent blog post by clicking here.

Constellation’s natural gas and electricity customers can leverage the insights accessible in Energy Manager, a free digital platform that can be used on mobile and desktop. The platform allows customers to easily view invoices, pay bills as well as view energy usage data and analysis reporting for their facilities 24/7 in order to make proactive decisions.

Users have access to several reports to be used for managing energy usage and for modifying their energy purchasing strategies. For example, comparison usage and cost reports can be used to find potential anomalies and for finding market opportunities, such as for customers on an index-based plan.

Some of the reports in Energy Manager include:

  • Historical gas and electricity usage
  • Cost summary reports
  • NYMEX current and historical pricing data (for gas customers)

Our tools keep energy managers ahead of the curve on market conditions to empower them to make proactive changes to their energy management strategy to positively impact their business’ bottom line. In addition, with access to data on energy usage and costs, energy buyers may identify opportunities in facilities in need of energy efficient upgrades or sustainability measures to further reduce energy costs in the short and long run.

Constellation’s energy market insights and energy management tools empower you with the information you need and produce the most successful energy strategies. In addition to Energy Manager, get access to regular energy market intel via Constellation’s regular email communications, such as the weekly Gas Storage Report, weekly Energy Market Update and our monthly Energy Market Intel Webinars. Subscribe at

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