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Michigan Business Owners: ‘No Catch’ Lower-Priced Natural Gas Distribution

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Some business owners in the Metro Detroit area have a unique opportunity to save on their natural gas distribution costs, thanks to an exclusive arrangement between Constellation and the local natural gas utility, DTE Gas Company.

As part of Michigan’s competitive energy marketplace, we offer discounts—through a Constellation program called Utility Alternative Savings (UAS)—on the distribution cost of natural gas to businesses in select areas of the Wayne and Washtenaw counties. 

We are able to offer UAS in these areas as a result of the 2001 merger of Detroit Edison (now DTE Electric Co.) and MichCon (now DTE Gas Company), whereby MichCon—under FTC mandate—auctioned a portion of it natural gas distribution system, and Constellation was the winning bidder. UAS is unique to Michigan and only offered through Constellation.

Unique opportunity to save on gas distribution costs

No other company in the state can give you this option for reducing your natural gas distribution costs. The distribution charges offered through Constellation’s UAS program are provided at a lower rate than DTE’s standard tariff rates.

UAS not only benefits your business with cost savings and a choice of provider, it comes with a discount guarantee on your distribution charges.

For an overview of potential savings, see our UAS Savings Video. Basically, when you are enrolled in Constellation’s UAS program, you don’t pay four of the six line items that would have appeared on your DTE Gas Company bill. What about the other two line items? You reduce your cost on one and are able to choose budget certainty on the other.

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Actual customer savings vary based on the DTE rate schedule. For example, a school using about 5,000 CCFs (one hundred cubic feet) could save an estimated $537 per month. That’s about $6,500 annually, per building. A multi-family facility, meter class one, could see estimated savings of $400 per month, or $4,800 annually. And it’s not just “businesses,” per se, that can save with Constellation; schools, manufacturers, food stores, apartment units, to name a few, may also qualify.

Customized benefits for Constellation customers

Our representatives are ready to verify your eligibility for the UAS program, and tell you how much you can save by taking advantage of this rare opportunity to receive a discount on gas distribution costs. Visit

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