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Supplier to Strategist: Meet Business Goals with a Customized Network of Integrated Energy Solutions

Supplier to Strategist: A Blog Series on Sustainability, Efficiency and Technology
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In our rapidly evolving industry, energy suppliers face changing expectations and are developing new, innovative solutions for commercial and industrial customers. The marketplace drivers are twofold:

  • Customer objectives are changing: The role of energy suppliers has expanded to fulfill larger customer objectives. “Customers are looking to us to be their commodity supplier and recognize new opportunities when it comes to strategy,” said Raj Bazaj, Executive Director of Solutions Sales at Constellation. At our 2020 Energy Executive Forum, Raj moderated a conversation that focused on customer recognition of value beyond just energy supply.
  • Technology is accelerating: Advances in smart technology have made it easier to automate processes and improve energy efficiency. In addition to energy options from suppliers, customers need access to these cutting-edge technology options, like analytics platforms, which provide valuable insights around usage.

Among the top trends influencing customer objectives is sustainability. More companies are managing their sustainability efforts to improve processes, pursue growth, add value to their business, and bolster their reputation.

Often, this is presented and announced as a goal to reach net zero carbon emissions by a specific date and on a tight timeline. With several energy and technology strategies available for meeting these objectives, it can be challenging to understand how to identify and translate your current energy usage into your future sustainability goals.

Integrated energy solutions offer a customizable pallet of products and flexible strategies to buy, manage and use energy

No business is the same, so solutions shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Businesses need to build strategies based on their unique needs – whether that be to meet sustainability goal by a target date or to develop a comprehensive energy strategy using analytics and data to benchmark and track energy usage.

Offering customers an integrated solution that provides a customized set of products and connects technology with sustainability can help them buy, manage and use their energy with more confidence.

New technology can be implemented to connect different data sources and identify baseline energy usage before putting a project plan in place. If your sustainability goal has a deadline of 2030, a strong understanding of your current energy footprint will help map out how to achieve success.

After identifying their baseline energy footprint, businesses are faced with a number of questions to begin executing on a realistic path to hit their sustainability targets. Have you completed any energy efficiency projects? What are you doing with power? Are you in a position to switch to renewable sources? Analytics provide valuable insights and a better understanding of customer energy usage.

Constellation is uniquely positioned to provide energy solutions and to connect you to the products and strategic relationships that can help how you buy, manage and use energy. As one of the nation’s leading competitive energy providers, Constellation has the expertise to provide resources to help build customized strategies for your unique business needs. Through our network of strategic relationships, including Constellation Technology Ventures, customers have access to innovative products that help develop long-term sustainability and energy solutions, which could also have an impact on the bottom line.

To learn more about an integrated energy solution for your business, contact us today.

*This blog post is a part of our “Supplier to Strategist: A Blog Series on Sustainability, Efficiency and Technology” where we will provide the framework for customers on how to develop and achieve their long-term sustainability strategy and goals, and understand the innovative management products and solutions that can make a direct impact on their bottom line.

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