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Webcast: The Upcoming Election and its Potential Impact on Energy Policy

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In the latest episode of Fortunato & Friends, Exelon Chief Economist Ed Fortunato interviews David Brown, SVP, Federal Government Affairs and Public Policy at Exelon, on the upcoming election and its potential impact on energy policy. Keith Poli, a member of Constellation’s Commodities Management Group, moderated the conversation and shared insights.

The three speakers deliberated on the following questions:

  • How do you see key states in the 2016 election, like Pennsylvania and Florida, playing out during this election as it relates to energy policy, including on issues of fracking, coal, etc.?
  • We’ve seen that the candidates have opposing views on energy. What are your expectations for different aspects of the energy business based on the election? What changes could we see with a Biden administration versus the Trump administration?
  • What about nuclear? Might nuclear companies be positively or negatively impacted by a Biden administration?
  • Would there be a change of federal energy policy under a Biden administration, including impacts to renewable portfolio standards, Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and retail?
  • What is the difference between a net zero power sector and a net zero economy?
  • Would federal incentives for energy storage be on the agenda of either side post-election?
  • What have you heard about cyber security and the grid leading up to the election?
  • If there is an infrastructure package post-election, how much of the focus may be on energy versus construction?

Listen to the full webcast below to hear expert insights.

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