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VirtuWatt™ Link Now Available For Customers to Automate Load Response Participation

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of VirtuWatt™ Link, the first web service application to facilitate automated load response program participation for businesses and organizations nationwide. The new application will allow businesses and organizations to use their facilities’ existing automation systems to manage load curtailment based on energy market signals and pre-set strategies, without needing to install proprietary building controls hardware.

What Value can VirtuWatt™ Link Bring to Your Business or Organization?

  • The ability for commercial, industrial, and institutional power users to be proactive and strategic about how and when electricity is used without compromising business operations or the need for wholesale replacement of controls infrastructure.
  • VirtuWatt™ Link can integrate into almost any energy management or controls system that can utilize web services.
  • Response and security services including authentication access control, ISO event dispatch notification and acknowledgement, real-time energy pricing information, and utility meter usage data.
  • It is expected to be less expensive and take less time for customers to integrate into their current building management systems.
  • Technology companies that offer energy management and automation solutions can team with Constellation to implement VirtuWatt™ Link as a pre-integrated value-add option for their customers.


How Does VirtuWatt™ Link Work?

Customers using VirtuWatt™ Link will receive load curtailment event information from Constellation, which will be consumed by the customer’s control system. The customer’s control system can absorb those signals and initiate curtailment scenarios automatically. Alternatively, Constellation’s team will also work directly with customers to determine the best actions as events are called. In addition to curtailment event information, Constellation offers a variety of energy market and price information as services through VirtuWatt™ to help put in you in control of your energy strategies.

More Information

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