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Waitlist Opens for Michigan Businesses Seeking Energy Choice

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In 2008, Public Act 286 was signed and dictates that only 10% of the electricity supplied by each host utility in the state of Michigan can be allocated to the state’s energy choice program. This program allows businesses to use an alternative energy supplier rather than the local utility for their energy needs.  The 10% energy Choice cap has been filled since 2009 due to high demand from businesses, however, the waitlist for the program is expected to open for the first time since in almost a decade, in mid-February, 2021, likely between Feb. 16-18.

This opportunity will allow more Michigan-based businesses, primarily those who have been on the waitlist, to procure energy from an alternative energy supplier, such as Constellation, and to reap the many benefits that come with doing so.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Alternative Energy Supplier?

Greater energy choice brings potential advantages for customers, including competitive prices, high-quality customer service, and customized products and services that allow customers to have more control over their energy usage and costs.

Constellation can offer you flexibility when it comes to your energy purchasing strategy. Some ways customers benefit from choosing Constellation as their energy supplier include:

  1. The ability to negotiate rates, with the potential for estimated savings (versus the utility’s standard tariff rate) depending on usage patterns and load factor.
  2. Longer-term budget certainty by selecting a term contract price (versus the utility’s rate, which changes monthly)
  3. Access to more than just commodity – businesses can leverage helpful solutions that can play a role in lowering energy bills. We offer solutions, such as:
    • Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy, which can be used to improve energy efficiency in customer facilities and requires zero upfront capital.
    • Access to the platform, which monitors information across your energy portfolio to find anomalies and issues to address.

Urgent Response Needed Once Contacted

Businesses that have been on the waitlist and that are still interested in getting their energy supply from Constellation will be contacted if the utility determines their spot on the waitlist makes them eligible. Constellation is expecting several hundred business accounts will be eligible to enroll in this program come mid-February 2021. Other utilities may have an opportunity in coming months and years.

To be considered, businesses that have been on the waitlist and are contacted must:

  • respond within five (5) days of being contacted with a rejection or acceptance (we encourage you to respond as soon as possible to avoid losing your spot in the queue).
  • if accepting their allocation, agree to a contract with Constellation. The rate and term will be based off of your individual facility’s usage history. Rates can be provided once a Letter of Authorization is received. If your facilities are interested in getting their energy from Constellation if your space in the queue becomes eligible, we will need a non-binding Letter of Authorization and recent invoice copy for each account in order to set up indicative pricing.

In 2021, the business accounts that are accepted and enrolled into the Michigan Choice program will see billing begin on the next billing cycle.

If you are not on the waitlist and would like to be, please reach out to us with a copy of your current energy invoice.

For more information, please contact us at, contact Great Lakes Sales Manager John Sulja at 779-231-1543, or get in touch with your Constellation representative.

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