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Webcast: A Conversation With Former FERC Chairman and Commissioner, Neil Chatterjee

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In our April 2024 edition of Fortunato & Friends, Constellation’s Chief Economist, Ed Fortunato, sat down with Neil Chatterjee, former chairman and commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). They discussed FERC’s role and importance in the energy sector, challenges and opportunities for the energy industry, 2024 election outlooks and potential impacts, and more.

3:08 – What is FERC and what is its role?

8:17 – How did you maintain bipartisanship in your role at FERC?

11:12 – How do FERC and the Department of Energy (DOE) complement each other?

13:00 – How can newfound energy demand issues be solved?

14:23 – Make energy boring again

18:50 – The future of energy storage

20:04 – Is the U.S. going to remain the dominant LNG supplier?

25:45 – Natural gas pipelines

28:34 – Audience Q&A: Natural gas storage, pipelines and additional LNG questions

38:18 – Why is natural gas so cheap while my electricity prices are so high?

44:26 – Bipartisan action on energy issues in Congress and the Senate

48:10 – 2024 Election outlook and potential impacts

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