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In our June Edition of Fortunato & Friends, Chief Economist Ed Fortunato interviewed Jeffrey Hirsch, CEO of Hirsch Holdings, on the topic: Equity Markets.  Topics included Bull, Bear or Recession, Midterm Election volatility, weak spots and sweet spots in the market, 401(k), and historic cycles, patterns & trends in the markets.

1:35 – History of the Hirsch family

7:05 – Where are we in the market? Bull, Bear or Recession?

8:50 – Weak spots and sweet spots of the 4-year Cycle

10:20 – Why does the MACD matter?

12:15 – Why do you think things will get better in the next few months?

18:25 – Best 6 months: only proven black box system

20:54 — If you’re an average person with a 401(k) what’s one thing you’d do right now?

22:15 – POLL – Where do we think we are in the current bear market?

22:45 – What makes a cycle, pattern or trend?

26:20 – What about the Bull market?

29:30 – What is the January Barometer?

31:50 – What is the first day of the month indicator?

33:25 – What do you see for the next 15 years?

37:27 – What about stagflation and inflation?

40:39 –  What’s your large cap portfolio look like?

42:30 – Audience Q&A

Questions included

Tracking the S&P

How will the Energy Sector stocks do?

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