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Webcast: Natural Gas & Energy Security

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In our May Edition of Fortunato and Friends, chief economist Ed Fortunato interviewed Toby Rice, President and Chief Executive Officer of EQT, on the topic: Natural Gas & Energy Security.

Topics included  mixing renewables and natural gas, unleashing U.S LNG, gas prices this summer, and his vision for EQT.

To learn more about EQT’s plan to combat foreign coal, visit Unleashing U.S. LNG

2:00 – What is EQT?

10:57 – Where are we in the gas business now?

12:00 – How much coal do China and India burn?

15:30 – Tell us about your plan to mix renewables with natural gas

16:24 – Why the change in rig counts?

19:20 – Some people just want to use solar and wind. How do you push back with Natural gas?

24:33 – The big complaint about LNG exports is that it’s raising the cost of gas. Will this solve the problem of gas?

26:08 – What’s the timeline for this plan?

27:22 – Should we unleash U.S. LNG?

33:44 – This is an ambitious plan. How will you get this plan done?

35:20 – How will you address Washington D.C.?

39:35 – As the biggest producer of gas in the U.S., what are your thoughts on gas prices for this summer?

41:00 – What’s your vision for EQT?

42:30 – Audience Q&A

Questions included:

What do you think the peak production in the Appalachians could be?

How do you address states moving forward about EV cars?

How do you get China to use less coal and use LNG?

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