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Webcast: The COVID-19 Vaccine and Rise of Delta Variant Cases

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In the our special edition episode of Fortunato & Friends, Exelon Chief Economist Ed Fortunato invited Dr. Wilbur H. Chen, an adult infectious disease physician-specialist with special interest in vaccinology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, back to the show for the third time to inform listeners about the latest findings regarding COVID-19.

During the webcast, he shows the research and data on vaccine efficacy against different variants of the coronavirus, when boosters may be deemed necessary and cleared up any myths and misconceptions circulating vaccination, among other important topics.

The speakers deliberated on the following topics and questions (and more):

  • The variants of COVID-19 that have emerged [starts at 4:16]
  • Vaccine effectiveness against variants (and what vaccine efficacy means) [starts at 7:06]
  • Are we going to need booster doses? [starts at 9:50]
  • Are boosters going to require one or two shots? [starts at 16:08]
  • What’s the deal with breakthrough infections? [starts at 16:45]
  • What’s the difference between an EUA and full FDA approval? [starts at 22:29]
  • Do I still need to wear a mask? [starts at 24:29]

And during a lightning round, Fortunato asked Dr. Chen multiple questions that got to the bottom of common myths and misconceptions [starting at 32:10] such as:

  • Does the vaccine increase viral load?
  • What about the negative side effects of vaccination seen in the news? What’s the cause?
  • Can an mRNA vaccine alter your DNA?
  • Is this vaccine too new to be considered safe?
  • Are adolescents susceptible to the Delta variant?

Listen to the full webcast to hear expert insights by visiting our Fortunato & Friends Webcast resources page.

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