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Webcast: The Future of Coal, Gas, Renewables and More

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In the latest episode of Fortunato & Friends, Exelon Chief Economist Ed Fortunato interviews James Murchie, co-founder of Energy Income Partners. EIP a partner-owned asset manager and is an outgrowth of Murchie’s personal investing in energy infrastructure.

During the webcast, he shares his views on the future of energy, and how coal, natural gas, and renewables fit into that picture. Additionally, Constellation’s Commodities Management Group member, Keith Poli, moderated the webcast and offered his insights.

The three speakers deliberated on the following topics and questions (and more):

  • The PennEast Pipeline ruling and the role of eminent domain in the Supreme Court [starts at 9:33]
  • Are you worried about inflation in the energy business?[starts at 12:36]
  • Are the oil and natural gas businesses dying? [starts at 15:01]
  • Can you explain the transition of energy over the years? [starts at 19:18]
  • Hydrogen or electric vehicles – what could have the greatest impact on reducing carbon emissions over the next 10 years? [starts at 30:01]

And during a lightning round, Fortunato asked Murchie several questions [starts at 34:28], such as:

  • Do you think the oil majors (like Exxon) will be able to transition a significant amount of their earnings from upstream oil and gas towards biofuels/renewables as we shift toward a ESG-centric world?
  • Is there a dawn of a new era in shale with capital discipline, or are we going back to overproducing and crushing the price?
  • What happens this summer out West and in Texas?
  • Consumer staples or energy infrastructure as a better inflation hedge?
  • Who do you follow or think highly of in the business?
  • What do you think gas prices will be like this winter and this time next year?

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