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Webcast: The Future of Inflation and Interest Rates

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In the latest episode of Fortunato & Friends, Exelon Chief Economist Ed Fortunato interviews Kevin O’Brien, a portfolio manager and analyst with Prospectus Partners, an investment firm with a specialized approach to long and short equity investing.

O’Brien shares his views on inflation and interest rates as the country begins to recover from the pandemic. Additionally, Constellation’s Commodities Management Group member, Keith Poli, moderated the webcast and offered his insights.

The three speakers deliberated on the following questions (and more):

  • What is the difference between a value investor and a growth investor?  [starts at 7:48]
  • What are your thoughts on inflation and interest rates? [starts at 12:44 and later at 35:02]
  • Will energy stocks outperform in the next couple of years? [starts at 14:05]
  • What are your thoughts on the impact of potential fracking bans on natural gas? [starts at 48:30]
  • At what point could U.S. debt depreciate the dollar? [starts at 49:23]

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