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Webcast: The Renewable Energy Marketplace and Asset Marketplace

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In our March edition of Fortunato & Friends, Chief Economist Ed Fortunato sat down with special guests Rob Collier, Vice President, Asset Marketplace and Patrick Worrall, Vice President Energy Marketplace, from LevelTen Energy discussing the renewable energy marketplace, PPA prices, and the future of renewable energy.

2:30 – Renewable Energy Market Snapshot

5:55 – What does LevelTen do?

10:12 – Growth of renewable energy

12:30 – Renewable energy pricing trends

17:30 – Did COVID change opinions on renewable energy?

19:50 – Is there correlation between renewable energy prices and natural gas prices?

22:00 – Reliability and renewable energy

26:30 – How do renewable energy prices move

29:24 – How are renewable energy prices influenced by interest rates

33:33 – The future of renewable energy

38:26 – 24×7 matching

40:57 – Consumer demand for renewable energy

45:07 – Poll: What is your (or your customers) largest barrier to securing renewable energy?

49:55 – Solar panel imports

52:12 – Audience Q&A

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