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Webcast: The State of the Economy and where we ‘R’ going

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In our July Edition of Fortunato & Friends, Chief Economist Ed Fortunato interviewed Laura L. Gamble, Regional President of PNC Bank, Greater Maryland on the topic: the State of the Economy. Topics included recession, flat curve yields, gas prices at the pump, real estate, global supply chains, patterns and trends in the banking industry.

2:16 – Are we in a recession?

4:17 – Consumer purchasing habits, pre- and post-COVID

7:00 – What sectors do you see that are booming and lagging?

8:15 – What are the interest rates now?

10:35 – What was the interest rate on your first home?

11:25 – How does the flat curve yield affect your business?

12:58 – When you talk about capital availability, how do you track it as a non-banker?

14:50 – Have you seen private equity groups buying up real estate?

16:43 – How are people’s balance sheets these days?

23:44 – The U.S. economy runs on one thing. What is it?

25:00 – POLL: When do you think the recession will start?

28:50 – Where are we with global supply chains?

31:45 – Are the trade battles between the U.S. and China about tariffs having an impact?

33:55 – How is the war in Ukraine affecting your business?

35:14 – Is your bank affected by crypto at all?

42:13 – What changes do you see in the energy sector from the banking industry perspective?

48:51 – Q&A

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Please stay tuned for an announcement of our August edition of Fortunato & Friends, a webcast series featuring our Chief Economist Ed Fortunato and a special guest each month.

Additionally, read more about our recent Constellation Offsite Renewables (CORe) agreement with PNC Bank helping to power nearly 50 percent of its legacy operations in six states and the District of Columbia with renewable electricity. The transaction will advance PNC toward its goal of reaching 100% renewable purchased electricity by 2025 while enabling 78 megawatts of new solar to be built.

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