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WEBINAR: Make Your Energy Purchasing Plans for Fall and Beyond

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Energy production levels, coal plant retirements and policy changes are all likely to have an impact on the price you pay for electricity and natural gas this fall and in the coming year. 

Some of these trends are easier to predict, while others, like weather, are up in the air. Given what’s expected and taking into account the unknowns, how can you plan ahead to achieve greater budget certainty? 

Join the more than 500 energy buyers who have already registered to attend our next 2015 Energy Market Outlook! This webinar, scheduled for 1 p.m. CDT Wednesday, Aug. 19, is a valuable opportunity to hear what our energy management experts have to say about market trends that can impact your future energy purchasing plans. 

We’ll cover: 

  • The outlook for gas and power prices through fall 2015
  • Weather predictions and other factors that could impact prices in your region
  • Why gas production is at an all-time high, and how to factor this into your purchasing strategy
  • Regulatory updates that may affect you through the end of the year
  • How falling oil prices are expected to impact demand 

Don’t wait to be left out in the cold as fall approaches. Register now to gain access to these valuble market insights! 

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