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What You Should Know About Energy Choice

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As one of the nation’s largest energy providers, we understand that every business we serve has different needs, wants and goals when it comes to energy procurement.

That’s why we are leading energy industry advocates for competition in the U.S. power and natural gas sectors. We believe that supply and demand are best determined through competitive markets that deliver better results for our customers. Today, we offer more variety to customers thanks largely to energy choice.

What is energy choice?

Prior to 1977, homes and businesses had to purchase energy from their local utility company. In 1977, lawmakers began changing regulations which allowed energy suppliers to offer natural gas and electricity at lower rates than consumers’ local utilities. The ability for customers to assess all the available energy suppliers in their area to determine the best fit for their needs is called energy choice.

Can my business benefit from energy choice?

Today, nearly half the states in the country have competitive energy markets to some degree. No states have fully competitive markets, with Texas being closest at 85 percent. Some states have only a competitive electricity market, while others have only expanded choice for gas.

Ultimately, your ability to benefit from energy choice options depends upon your location and the energy suppliers near you. Contact us to see if you qualify.

How will business operations be impeded by changing energy suppliers?

We understand that downtime can be devastating to a business, so we strive to make the transition to a new energy supplier as seamless as possible. When choosing a new electricity or natural gas provider, you can expect that suppliers will not cause an interruption in your service. Constellation, meanwhile, will not require enrollment or sign-up fees and will not change your billing processes.

Selecting the right energy supplier

While a lot of the thinking behind the idea of energy choice has to do with providing customers with the best possible price point, it’s not all just about cost. You’ll need to find an energy supplier that has a proven track record, sturdy infrastructure, a commitment to customer service and simply put, understands your business.

At Constellation, we understand that these aren’t easy decisions to make. If you’re thinking about choosing a new supplier, check out this list of questions you should be asking. Or, to learn more about energy choice and how your business may be able to benefit, contact a Constellation representative by clicking here.

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