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Why You Should Participate in your Association’s Energy Program with Constellation

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What could a real estate investment trust (REIT), a municipality, a college, a manufacturer and other various industry types possibly have in common when it comes to energy? The answer: An association relationship with Constellation.

  • A real estate investment trust (REIT) with a large portfolio was considering a long-term contract for electric supply, but worried that selling properties over the term of their contract would mean termination penalties. By using a customized contract through their trade association energy program with Constellation, the real estate friendly terms available to members helped to alleviate this concern.
  • A town in New England was able to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by securing renewable energy credits (RECs) for their town hall at no additional cost as part of their municipal association’s energy program with Constellation.
  • Manufacturers in the Midwest stay informed on energy market trends and issues that could affect their business through webinars and understand more complex energy issues via articles in their regular association newsletter provided by Constellation.

Companies, schools, non-profits and local governments join associations for the purchasing and advocacy benefits that being part of a larger group can provide. Typically, the most prominent benefit is a larger voice for advocacy on issues they care about in their respective state capitals and Washington, DC.

In addition, associations often offer member benefits around favorable procurement or insurance programs. While there are effectively no “member discounts” for a commodity based energy program, the examples above illustrate some of the non-standard program features that may be available as part of an association energy program. Features often crafted with the specific membership base in mind.

Beyond Purchasing
One important reason organizations join associations is the expected benefit of access to  information and knowledge on industry topics that members do not have the resources or time to gather themselves. For associations with membership who are large energy users, a relationship with Constellation provides easy access to timely and expert information related to energy from dedicated market professionals. Whether it is understanding the current market factors driving energy prices or a detailed explanation of a regulatory change that will increase energy costs, accessing this knowledge through your association can be extremely helpful.

Of course, another benefit of membership is having your association as an ally. By participating in your association’s energy program with Constellation, if an issue or unique need arises, your association is able to help ensure that resolution is reached or worked through promptly. This type of relationship might help explain why customer satisfaction scores for participants in association energy programs are a bit higher than most.

Lastly, Constellation provides financial support for our associations as a cost-effective marketing effort that doesn’t increase member dues or energy rates. This mutual support allows associations the means to focus more on key issues that affect members, such as advocacy on a contentious issue at the statehouse, or simply just to keep dues down for members.

Whichever reason resonates the most, there are many good ones for participating in your association’s energy program with Constellation. For more information, please reach out to your association contact for their specific Constellation offer page or visit our associations and chambers page on to learn more on how your association can participate.

Guest Author: Ed Wilson- Executive Director of Association Sales

Ed oversees the company’s Association channels nationwide with over 25 years of experience in the energy industry, starting at Baltimore Gas & Electric’s Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant and continuing to his current position as Executive Director of Sales. Ed uses this experience to help Associations better educate their members so they can use and manage their energy more effectively. Prior to his current role, Ed was Director of Sales for Constellation’s Mid-Atlantic region where he was responsible for the success of several of Constellation’s largest association relationships.

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