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Demand Response Programs Help PJM Provide Emergency Power Relief

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When power demand suddenly spikes due to extreme weather, how is a regional transmission organization (RTO) able to provide additional power to the grid to avoid equipment overloads and system failures?

Such an event occurred recently when a late-summer heat wave struck the western region of PJM’s territory and caused demand to reach a new peak power record for September of 144,370 megawatts (MW), according to PJM. It also didn’t help that many power plants and transmission lines were already inactive due to seasonal maintenance.

Yet, with the help of an estimated 5,949 MW of demand response resources, PJM was able to quickly respond and balanced the supply and demand on the grid. Andy Ott, PJM executive vice president-Markets, said, “PJM continues to see the value and success of demand response participating in PJM markets.”

This recent event is another great example of the economic impact that demand response programs can have. It’s also important to note that the grid isn’t the only one that benefits from a demand response event; businesses utilizing a demand response program also reap direct rewards.

Using our load response web service application, VirtuWatt™ Link, along with our Event Tracker feature, Constellation’s demand response customers were immediately notified of the energy market needs and able to manage load curtailment based on their facilities’ pre-set automated responses to the recent peak demand event.

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In addition to the savings actualized by reducing energy usage during a period of peak demand, demand response customers will also be compensated for their ability to reduce consumption during the demand response event.

Constellation prides itself in offering a comprehensive demand response program throughout North America that helps support grid stability and allows businesses to better manage their energy usage.

Interested in learning how a demand response program can add value to your business and the economy? Check out a video recording of our latest demand response webinar for more information:

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