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Webcast: 2022 Midterm Election Outlook

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In our October Edition of Fortunato & Friends, Chief Economist Ed Fortunato interviewed Constellation’s David Brown, Senior Vice President of Federal Government Affairs & Public Policy and David Gilbert, Vice President of Federal Government Affairs. Topics included midterm election predictions, a potential House flip, the Inflation Reduction Act’s impact on energy provisions, voter fraud, term limits and the debt ceiling.

4:37 – How the pendulum has swung back towards Republicans in recent months.

7:19 – Is the House of Representatives going to flip?

13:14 – Polling and its effectiveness: 2016, 2020, 2022.

16:57 – Will we ever get to a moderate posture again?

18:27 – The biggest challenge facing the United States.

19:30 – If Republicans win in November, will there be any radical policy changes?

23:01 – What’s going to happen to Ukraine if Republicans win?

25:03 – POLL: What do you think the outcome of the 2022 midterm election will be?

28:43 –What’s going to happen with permanent reform?

30:28 – What is Joe Manchin’s role post-election?

32:41 – The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA): what it means to the industry and Constellation.

44:50 – Final thoughts on the IRA and nuclear power impact.

46:30 – Q&A


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