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Webcast: Cycle of a Down

Fortunato & Friends Webcast Series
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In our November Edition of Fortunato & Friends, Chief Economist Ed Fortunato interviewed Lakshman Achuthan, co-founder of the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI). Topics included the predictability of economic cycles, commodity pricing in relation to cyclical shifts, lead indicators across free-market economies, and The Global Industrial Growth Index.

5:30 – Why do economic cycles seem so obscure?

10:09 – Big data is useful for business, but not predicting cycles

14:29 – The origins of the Leading Index

22:52 – Consistent lead indicators across all free-market oriented economies

27:50 – IPI’s and commodity pricing related to cyclical patterns

33:23 – Demand during a cyclical downturn

36:05 – QUICKPOLL: When making decisions, do you factor in the risk of a cycle turn?

39:58 – What are the indicators that describe the U.S. economy?

45:53 – The bullwhip effect is driving industrial cycles globally

50:32 – The Global Industrial Growth Index

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