Roadmap to Sustainability

Top 3 Challenges for Businesses Starting a Sustainability Plan

Roadmap to Sustainability
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As the demand for energy continues to rise, integrating sustainability into your energy strategy has emerged as a key priority. This approach not only aims to meet your current energy needs but also focuses on reducing environmental impact, promoting clean energy resources, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

The value of an integrated energy strategy has been evident for years, but organizations often face significant challenges in developing and implementing a comprehensive sustainability plan. The pursuit of sustainability progress and decarbonization alongside energy management is creating a new level of complexity that is transforming day-to-day business operations. There are countless energy solutions in the market with new technologies emerging every year, but deciding which ones to implement, how, and when can be a significant undertaking. Even for those that have successfully shaped their strategy, many find that they are ill-equipped to measure its effectiveness, timeliness or ROI.

Constellation Navigator, with its deep experience in energy management and sustainability, is well-equipped to help your business address these complex challenges and create effective sustainability strategies.

Navigating Common Hurdles in Sustainability Planning

Procurement teams, sustainability teams and facility managers often face a range of challenges when developing and implementing a comprehensive sustainability plan. From producing insights based on operational data to managing costs, these challenges can stem from various aspects of their operations. Let’s explore three of the most common challenges teams encounter and how Constellation Navigator can help overcome them.


Digitizing files and automating data collection is often spurred by a simpler need: visibility. Your business needs oversight into its costs and operations, but you still may be managing manual data entry and generating reports in spreadsheets, leading to human prone error and lacking auditability and transparency. For some businesses, these activities are so time consuming that the task is only completed quarterly or annually, even when the insights would be valuable more frequently.

To help you gain visibility and insights, Constellation Navigator works with you to:

  • Automate data ingestion, normalize large datasets and validate data accuracy to help catch errors you may be overlooking.

As a Constellation electricity or natural gas customer, we can have this data digitized and available for additional analysis.

  • Create reporting, alerts and customized dashboards that refresh whenever new data is available, potentially eliminating the need for manual data entry or compiling spreadsheets.
  • Customize analytics to get the visibility you need and uncover insights you previously may not have had access to.

By leveraging Constellation Navigator’s data management solutions, you can save time, streamline your processes, and gain valuable insights to make information decisions and drive operational efficiency.


While many organizations have begun to develop sustainability goals and a clear path to achieve them, just as many are unsure where to start. It may be difficult for your business to keep up with changing legislation, customer or supply chain demand, and stakeholder pressure from investors, employees, consumers and clients.

Constellation Navigator can help your business:

  • Calculate a baseline footprint across your portfolio of facilities and vehicles.
  • Build a decarbonization roadmap based on the unique characteristics and goals of your business.
  • Use GHG Protocol and other standard reporting frameworks to measure progress over time.

With Constellation Navigator’s Sustainability Advisory, you can develop a clear strategy, set achievable targets, and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility, positioning your business for long-term success in the evolving sustainability landscape.

Cost Management

Cost management often focuses on reducing energy costs through a power or gas contract and minimizing market volatility. For some, cost is also a major factor driving choices in on-site projects or equipment upgrades, while for others, simply finding ways to streamline operations and save time helps their team do more with less.

To help find opportunities to manage costs, Constellation Navigator works to:

  • Automate data management and reporting and set up secure bill pay to help alleviate the amount of time your Accounts Payable team spends fulfilling routine tasks.
  • Strategize the priority and sequencing of on-site projects and equipment upgrades to help maximize the potential rebate or incentives offered by local utility programs.
  • Establish one continuous data ingestion process that can be shared across platforms so that your procurement team, Accounts Payable team, and sustainability team are all working from the same playbook.

By implementing Constellation Navigator’s cost optimization strategies, you can reduce operational expenses, maximize incentives, and streamline processes, allowing your business to focus its resources on growth and sustainability goals.

Let Constellation Navigator Optimize Your Sustainability Journey

You may face many challenges in shaping and measuring the effectiveness of your integrated energy strategies. Our dedicated Constellation Navigator team is committed to providing the clearest path for you to set and meet your environmental and operational goals, making it easier for you to achieve sustainability success.

Contact us today to start turning your challenges into opportunities and creating long-term sustainability success.

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