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CEO Jim McHugh on KPMG: Energy Efficiency, Technologies to Reduce Energy Costs

Supplier to Strategist: A Blog Series on Sustainability, Efficiency and Technology
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In May, Constellation CEO Jim McHugh was interviewed by KPMG’s Global and U.S. Head of Energy Regina Mayor about energy efficiency initiatives and emerging technologies that can be leveraged by businesses to more easily manage energy and to reduce costs where possible.

In the Current Conversations podcast episode, “Staying Ahead of the Curve,” Jim highlights the ways in which Constellation continues to expand its portfolio of energy management solutions for customers and invest in new technologies, and how these tools may prove useful to businesses looking to manage energy in a way that positively impacts their bottom line. Listen to the highlights of the interview below:

Technologies to Manage Your Energy Strategy


Keeping Energy Efficient Goals in Reach

Learn more about funding energy efficiency initiatives with zero upfront capital in our blog post.

Helping Businesses Meet Financial and Sustainability Goals


Download the full transcript in PDF format by clicking here.

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*This blog post is a part of our “Supplier to Strategist: A Blog Series on Sustainability, Efficiency and Technology” where we will provide the framework for customers on how to develop and achieve their long-term sustainability strategy and goals, and understand the innovative management products and solutions that can make a direct impact on their bottom line.

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