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Constellation Asks Contractors to Apply for Upcoming Solar Projects

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Constellation is calling for companies to respond to this Expression of Interest (EOI)  to become a pre-qualified contractor. The pre-qualification is for new solar project opportunities in DC, Maryland and Delaware as a result of the 2016 merger between Exelon Corporation (Exelon) and Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI). Constellation will be developing, owning and operating at least 37 MW of new solar assets.

These assets will be located in Pepco Holdings Inc. (PHI) and Delmarva Power & Light (DPL) service territories of:

  • Maryland
    • Prince George’s County (10MW)
    • Montgomery County (5 MW)
    • The Eastern Shore (10MW)
  • Delaware (5MW)
  • Washington, DC (7MW)

Constellation will be managing the design and construction of these solar projects and their operations. To complete this request, Constellation intends to:

  • Pre-qualify a list of pre-approved engineering and construction service providers
  • Evaluate project proposals by solar development firms

We invite all qualified engineering and construction firms that wish to become pre-qualified to submit a response. This includes firms and developers who control solar projects in the territories listed above. Pre-qualification considers these companies for participation in future RFPs for engineering, construction and support services. Future RFPs may include, but are not limited to design, permitting, and/or construction of solar generating systems.

Constellation also encourages all qualified local, small and disadvantaged businesses to respond to this EOI.  Respondents will be requested to provide evidence of qualification as a disadvantaged business or to provide details regarding the ability to utilize disadvantaged businesses as subcontractors.

Respondents to this EOI will be notified of their status in the process promptly after Constellation’s receipt of their EOI.  The pre-qualification process is web-based and will require the respondent to be electronically registered. The pre-qualification process and any RFP process will not be public and all decisions will be made at the discretion of Constellation.

All submissions should include:

  • Name of Primary Company
  • Name of Primary Contact (who will provide submittal and respond to inquiries)
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Deliverable to:

Laura Fenaroli


1310 Point Street, 13th Floor

Baltimore, MD 21231

Full Expression of Interest Details are located here. Please read the letter fully for more information in order to submit your information for consideration.

*Constellation reserves the right in its sole discretion to: (a) reject any or all proposals, bidders, or pre-qualification responses, (b) discuss with any prospective respondent the terms of the pre-qualification response submitted by such bidder in order to fully evaluate the response, (c) negotiate the terms of any Proposal with any prospective bidder without seeking new or amended Proposals from any other party, and (d) modify the procedures described herein at any time.

To protect the confidentiality of responses submitted, Constellation will not disclose the terms of any response received or the identity of any party that has submitted a response except for disclosures made to government authorities, as per opinion of legal counsel, and/or as may be required by law. 

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