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Executive Energy Forum 2023 – The Future of Energy

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On November 28th, Constellation hosted its 2023 Executive Energy Forum (EEF), where Constellation and industry thought leaders discussed the energy transition and provided valuable insights to business leaders on renewable energy purchasing, sustainability, policy and emerging technologies important to those looking to stay at the forefront of energy trends.

“The Future of Energy”       

Karen Snow, Nasdaq Vice President and Head of Global Listings, moderated a discussion by Constellation leaders on the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition, aiming to achieve a carbon-free and emissions-free grid. The panelists included: Jim McHugh, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer; Ravi Ganti, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management & Analysis; and Jorge Acevedo, Senior Vice President, Commercialization & Development. The discussion highlighted the role of policy, technology and customer demand in shaping the energy market and grid reliability. They addressed the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), particularly the production tax credits for nuclear power plants. Additionally, the panel offered insights on renewables, hydrogen, storage, and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) as some of the emerging solutions for clean energy. They then explored the possibilities of co-locating load and generation resources, such as data centers and electrolyzers, to reduce congestion and increase deliverability.

“Emerging Trends Affecting Climate Policy”

Looking at emerging trends affecting climate policy, Jameel Johnson, Vice President, Government Relations from Nasdaq, moderated a panel featuring David Brown, Senior Vice President, Federal Government Affairs at Constellation, and Rich Powell, CEO of ClearPath. They discussed the UN COP28 climate summit in Dubai, where they expected to see announcements on tripling global nuclear generation, advancing carbon management technologies, and increasing international collaboration. They also focused on how climate policy can be integrated into existing economic and social frameworks, and highlighted the role of innovation, carbon pricing and market incentives in driving the energy transition. Finally, the panelists reflected on the changing political landscape in the U.S., where more Republicans are acknowledging the climate crisis and proposing solutions, and how this might affect the 2024 election.

“Sustainability & Technology Panel Discussion”

Focusing on customer sustainability, Constellation panelists discussed how technology can help achieve carbon-reduction goals in the energy industry and beyond. As energy customers are increasingly focused on reducing their carbon emissions and achieving sustainability goals, the discussion included Constellation’s growth and technology strategy, and how it works with research and development institutions and early-stage ventures to explore new technologies and opportunities. Also covered were additional ways that customers can understand and reduce their carbon footprint through Constellation’s advisory business, which includes carbon accounting platforms, sustainability management teams, rebate administration programs, and utility bill management platforms.

“Renewable Purchasing Strategies Panel Discussion”

To wrap up the program, three experts from Constellation discussed the renewables landscape and how it relates to corporate net zero goals. Topics included renewable natural gas (RNG), power purchasing agreements (PPAs) and hourly carbon-free energy matching. PPAs have been a major driver of the renewable energy industry, but they also face challenges such as rising project costs, supply chain disruptions, and interest rate fluctuations. The speakers also addressed some of the trends and innovations in the PPA market, such as REC optimization, which allows buyers to sell and replace the renewable energy certificates (RECs) from their projects to lower their costs, as well as measure the carbon impact of the projects on the grid. The panel also discussed the increased interest in hourly matching and hourly carbon-free energy.

Constellation can help you create and implement a  sustainability plan that will lead you to achieve your carbon-free objectives, putting you in touch with the solutions, strategic relationships, and technology you need. To help you develop a plan tailored specifically to your company, we provide you with the expertise and resources you need.

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