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Sports Fans Bring Energy to Go Green Games!

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Constellation harnesses the power of sports and the energy of fans to promote sustainability and educate consumers about responsible energy use through our Go Green Games. Earlier this year, Constellation held Go Green Games with the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and Northwestern Wildcats. During the event, we provide tips to fans on how to be more energy efficient and highlight each organization’s efforts to protect the environment.

This year in Chicago, fans had the chance to pledge to reduce their impact on the environment by taking a small action like installing LED lightbulbs (vs. incandescent) or switching to a renewable energy plan. More than 1,000 Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks fans made the pledge.

You, too, can make the pledge online by joining the Constellation Green Team and finding resources to learn more about sustainable practices and green energy solutions. Blackhawks fans at the Go Green game also received refillable water bottles courtesy of Constellation to reduce instances of single-use plastic bottles.

Green Games Pledge to go Green

Chicago Blackhawks fans pledge to go green at home.

Constellation helps sports facilities and leagues meet their sustainability goals by providing clean energy solutions like renewable energy certificates from solar and wind facilities and energy efficiency programs.

Over the past nine seasons, Constellation has donated renewable energy certificates (RECs) to match the energy used at the United Center during our Bulls and Blackhawks Go Green Games. These RECs have offset more than 2 million pounds of carbon emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, that’s like switching 40,000 incandescent light bulbs to LEDs or taking 224 cars off the road for a year.

Constellation Green Games

Check out the impact that Green Games has had.

If your business has carbon reduction goals, Constellation’s sustainable solutions can help. The Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia Flyers, is powered by 100 percent renewable wind energy. The renewable energy certificates (RECs) purchased from Constellation allow Comcast Spectacor, owner of the Wells Fargo Center, prevent the emission of more than 14,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas annually and are expected to deliver an environmental benefit equivalent to removing almost 4,000 passenger vehicles from the road. Constellation Offsite Renewables (CORe) helps companies like Comcast Spectacor, owner of the Flyers, by providing national wind RECs with a physical, load-following, energy supply contract.

Our renewables solutions come in many different forms and can be customized to meet your business needs. Learn more about our renewable energy solutions by visiting

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