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Sports Leagues, Organizations Team Up to Encourage Fans to Reduce Carbon Footprint

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At Green Games, we’re all on the same side.

Each season, Constellation hosts Go Green Games with teams like the Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia Flyers to promote sustainability and encourage fans to adopt energy-efficient practices. As the leading provider of clean energy solutions to customers across the United States, Constellation helps sports facilities and arenas improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint with projects like solar arrays and energy-efficient sports lighting.

Many sports leagues and organizations have begun evaluating their energy use, assessing overall environmental impact and setting sustainability goals. Constellation works with facility operators to simplify complex energy choices and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption. In Baltimore, Constellation constructed a 375-kilowatt solar generation project at the Under Armour Performance Center, the team headquarters and training facility of the Baltimore Ravens. The energy generated by the solar panels powers about 15% of the building’s electricity needs. By hosting a solar system on site, the Ravens have reduced overall energy costs and increased energy resiliency.

In addition to solar power, Constellation provides access to other renewable energy options such as wind power through Constellation Offsite Renewables (CORe) product.

Aside from our work with professional sports facilities, we also work with local community arenas and golf courses to provide access to identify and implement energy efficient projects like LED sports lighting, HVAC, air handling and ventilation controls. These projects help customers reduce their energy costs, manage usage and improve sustainability.

Green Games at the Bulls arena

Green Games Tips appear on the jumbotron at the Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers game: Watch the Bulls with friends to lower energy use in your region.

Through our sports sponsorships, Constellation volunteers go into schools and local communities to spread the message of a clean energy future. At Go Green Games, fans learn tips to reduce energy consumption at home and about switching to renewable energy options.

As fans are increasingly concerned about climate change, they look to the teams they support to take action and improve sustainability. Now, we’re asking fans to go green with their teams and take the pledge to make a positive impact on the environment. Join Constellation’s Green Team by visiting


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